DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
UpCommers Challenger
Top Players In Points
Serbia Basketball Chris Bosh 347
Serbia Basketball Filip Graovac 304
Lithuania Basketball Zalia Giria 298
Serbia Basketball Krsna Slava 228
Poland Basketball Mirek Hallik 224
Serbia Basketball Jezdimir Uskokic 220
Portugal Basketball Marquis Estill 211
Philippines Basketball Jerome Obviar 209
Lithuania Basketball Mazhas Uzauges 206
Lithuania Basketball Haroldas Tamulynas 193
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Top Players In Assists
Serbia Basketball Chris Bosh 130
Serbia Basketball Filip Graovac 96
Lithuania Basketball Zalia Giria 91
Serbia Basketball Krsna Slava 79
Poland Basketball Mirek Hallik 78
Serbia Basketball Jezdimir Uskokic 74
Portugal Basketball Marquis Estill 74
Philippines Basketball Jerome Obviar 71
Lithuania Basketball Haroldas Tamulynas 70
USA Basketball Doctor Pimp 65
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Top Players In Steals
Serbia Basketball Filip Graovac 31
Hong Kong Basketball Chris Ason 19
Lithuania Basketball Haroldas Tamulynas 17
USA Basketball Victor Rivera 16
Bosnia and Herzegovina Basketball Yawning Geezer© 15
Philippines Basketball Jerome Obviar 15
USA Basketball Doctor Pimp 14
Spain Basketball Marc R. 13
Lithuania Basketball Mazhas Uzauges 13
Serbia Basketball Chris Bosh 12
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Top Players In Blocks
Hong Kong Basketball Chris Ason 11
Portugal Basketball Marquis Estill 11
Serbia Basketball Chris Bosh 10
Egypt Basketball Amir Hamdoun 9
Philippines Basketball Jerome Obviar 9
Poland Basketball Jarek Dwulit 8
Hong Kong Basketball John Tang 8
Spain Basketball Oso Protoso 8
Poland Basketball Filon Pawlik 8
Italy Basketball Mauro Scozzafava 8
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Top Players In Rebounds
Serbia Basketball Chris Bosh 136
Philippines Basketball Jerome Obviar 99
Serbia Basketball Filip Graovac 93
Hong Kong Basketball Chris Ason 91
Bosnia and Herzegovina Basketball Yawning Geezer© 90
Portugal Basketball Marquis Estill 87
Serbia Basketball Krsna Slava 87
Philippines Basketball Chr Que 80
Spain Basketball Justa Gigolo 80
Lithuania Basketball Zalia Giria 79
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DSouza (31 posts)

Omnem , UI is all screwed up

8 years ago by DSouza (31) | Like | Comment | Open
Dtown20 (11 posts)

Hopefully my two teams I play for will play for the cup lol

10 years ago by Dtown20 (11) | Like | Comment | Open
cuervo20043 (3 posts)

.??? Los Angeles bruin at 3-4 in the playoffs

10 years ago by cuervo20043 (3) | Like | Comment | Open
chris1731 (12 posts)

wtf THE FINAL???

11 years ago by chris1731 (12) | Like | Comment | Open
Fredo (630 posts)

Congratz everyone

11 years ago by Fredo (630) | Like | Comment | Open
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