DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
International S8/S9/HS Special League
can play here
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Omnem (1780 posts)
Welcome to our new community update. Each league has recieved its own wall and we have added a new ingame forum at http://cyberdunk.com/team.php?m=community .

We believe this will increase interaction and activity between users. Currently our user interaction is pretty limited to our forum at www.talkdep.com .

This will change that, giving you the ability to interact with people playing in your league and everywhere in the game.

If you need any help contact Dragon or Shyminx.

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Top Players In Points
USA Basketball Mr Steve The Dragon7s 1791
Turkey Basketball Dogac Civan 1755
USA Basketball Chad Feldheimer 1718
Eritrea Basketball Crazy 8™ 1639
Ireland Basketball Javier Martin 1633
USA Basketball Relentless Attack 1628
USA Basketball Sgt. John "soap" Mactavish 1528
Liechtenstein Basketball Lichi Lichiquevoy 1526
Philippines Basketball Jay "jayman" Maneclang 1472
Argentina Basketball Baby Simonetti 1467
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Top Players In Assists
Spain Basketball Minitauro 598
Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Baby Chavi 495
Turkey Basketball Turkish Delight 405
Lithuania Basketball The Unforgiven 394
Philippines Basketball Saint July 364
Reunion Basketball Odin 354
Colombia Basketball Spl Aishwarya Rai 337
Guinea-Bissau Basketball Blood Diamond 329
Vatican Basketball **holy Shy** 320
Australia Basketball John Legend 316
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Top Players In Steals
Netherlands Basketball Cat Burglar 124
Gibraltar Basketball The Blur 117
Colombia Basketball Spl Aishwarya Rai 116
Philippines Basketball Wilt Rodman 115
Philippines Basketball Tribut∑ Project 113
Spain Basketball Poohsticks Patterson 109
Brazil Basketball Pocket Rocket 104
USA Basketball Dooms Day 97
Netherlands Basketball Freak Of Nature 95
Australia Basketball Master Thief 92
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Top Players In Blocks
Hungary Basketball Hungry Hippo 304
Lithuania Basketball The Unforgiven 300
Spain Basketball Total Warrior 291
Australia Basketball John Legend 274
Spain Basketball El Desperado 263
Armenia Basketball Joseph Conrad 247
USA Basketball Sgt. Paul Jackson 237
Philippines Basketball Saint July 235
Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Baby Chavi 227
USA Basketball Buck Williams 225
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Top Players In Rebounds
Cameroon Basketball Yorsi Amunbake 1032
France Basketball Pepé Le Pew 987
Lithuania Basketball Brain Washed 918
Germany Basketball Not In Chris' House 771
USA Basketball Wave Runner 711
Brazil Basketball Jack Torrance 685
Spain Basketball Minitauro 683
USA Basketball Despero 553
Niger Basketball R.p. Mcmurphy 552
Spain Basketball Guillermo Clavijo 542
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